Accelerate efficiency with our all--in-one
marketing collaboration platform

Empower collaboration by streamlining your marketing processes across your entire marketing value chain.  

  • Automate tasks, and save time and money
  • Improve the quality of your marketing deliverables
  • Reduce time-to-market

For more than 20 years, Encodify has been a leading provider of workflow and collaboration software  to some of the world's largest retails chains, brand owners, advertising agencies and private label manufactures

The perfect end-to-end workflow process

  • Plan budgets, strategic themes and manage spend and activities across all teams and partners
  • Manage complex product assortments, global marketing campaigns and resources
  • Create brand compliant assets, promotions and data-driven templates for creative automation
  • Enrich product information with meaningful marketing text, promotion prices and media with AI assistance
  • Collaboration on a single source of data and content for review and approval
  • Measure commercial and content performance and prove effectiveness
  • Optimise strategy, adapt campaigns, content and workflows as required

Collaborating with your marketing peers has never been easier

Whether you run your marketing across several markets and by hybrid in-house or external agency teams, the Encodify platform offers solutions for marketing collaboration, assets management, and project coordination.

Empower your Marketing Promotions and reduce your time-to-market

Unlock the potential for revenue growth with promotions tailored to customer preferences, seasonal trends, and inventory levels. Manage your promotions effortlessly in all steps of your value chain -  even across a vast retail network.

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Streamline your processes and automate manual tasks
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Use pre-approved assets for your promotions and campaigns
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Deliver flawless promotions with fewer iterations

Make Private Label Management a key driver for your revenue growth

Introduce your own brands to market faster with our Private Label Management solution. Accelerate your label design and approval process by working with your stakeholders in one unified content hub. 

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Enriched product information and creative assets in one place
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Easy collaboration with partners and suppliers  
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Control your own products  and accelerate time to market

Streamline your Work Management and deliver projects on time - every time

With our Work Management solution you gain a centralised platform that simplifies project initiation, tracking, and completion, ensuring that you meet every deadline and exceed client expectations. Work directly with team members, internal stakeholders and clients in one platform.

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Automate tasks and optimize your workflows
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Minimize errors and increase time to value
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Deliver marketing collateral faster

What our customers are saying

The core capabilities of the Encodify solutions


Brief & Estimate

Supplier & Partner Collaboration

Product Information Management

Digital Asset Management

Project & Task Management

Creative Automation

Promotion Planning

Online Proofing



& Invoicing

Scale your digitalisation  with our no-code platform

Flexible, scalable no-code platform for orchestrating complex processes across organisations and IT systems

No code

Unlock insights with advanced data analysis.


Tailor speed and efficiency to your needs.


Create and adjust users effortlessly.

Connected Service

We are not “out of the box” but we think that way.

User Access Levels

Manage permissions seamlessly.

Marketers seek solutions to streamline marketing collaboration, asset management, and project coordination

With Encodify you can do exactly that!

Streamlined file handling from suppliers, saving time for strategic work

Automated workflows with full transparency, replacing manual processes

Simplified end-to-end
processes, turning
management into

Time savings on
promotion participation
and data delivery

Elimination of Excel file handling and versioning issues

Centralized content hub for data structuring and access

Cost and time savings
content preparation inconteing transation

Access to core

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