Optimize your Promotion Management process with pre-approved data and assets

Managing your promotions and campaigns is an essential part of your retail operations. It’s the driving force of your success and you need to stay ahead of the game. But it can be a complex and time consuming process, often leading to missed deadlines, errors and frustration across teams.

Deliver flawless promotions with fewer iterations

With the Encodify Promotion Management solution you can manage every aspect of your promotions and campaigns in one single platform. From supplier collaboration, product information management and digital asset management to content creatio, online proofing, and distribution.

Minimize errors and reduce your time-to-market by automating tasks and empowering your value chain collaboration.
  • Plan and manage your promotions with suppliers, partners and team members in one solution
  • Online proofing for easy communication and feedback
  • Bridge online and offline sales in the promotion mix

Product capabilities included in the Promotion Management solution


Brief & Estimate

Supplier & Partner Collaboration

Product Information Management

Digital Asset Management

Project & Task Management

Creative Automation

Promotion Planning

Online Proofing



& Invoicing

Data-Driven Excellence

Encodify delivers insights that inform your promotion strategies. Leverage data analytics to understand what works, adapt in real-time, and achieve optimum results.

Efficiency at Scale

Manage promotions effortlessly, even across a vast retail network. Our solution automates manual tasks, reducing the margin for human error and freeing up your team's time.

Consistency and Compliance

Ensure that promotions are executed consistently across all locations while adhering to regulatory guidelines, maintaining brand integrity.

The benefits of Encodify Promotion Management

Increase Sales

Unlock the potential for revenue growth with promotions tailored to customer preferences, seasonal trends, and inventory levels.

Cost Savings

Reduce marketing spend wastage and operational overhead, optimizing your promotional budget.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Provide customers with value-driven promotions that keep them coming back for more.

Real-Time Adaptability

React to changing market conditions and competitor activities instantly, staying ahead of the game.

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