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Take the first step towards being able to create, manage and distribute your creatives at the speed and scale required to meet the growing demand for content.


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The core features of Creative Automation Studio

Unleash the power of dynamic templates

Our solution integrates into your environment with no silos. Don’t waste any more time juggling multiple systems and manually updating information - upgrade to see the benefits yourself

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Transform existing creatives into custom, reusable template
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Select the dynamic elements such as text, prices, images or even complete scenes and link to your data to each variable element
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View your planned marketing activities within a timeline by activity or supplier

Don’t adapt your creative production

Our flexible approach allows you to define which framework best suits your organisation’s expertise in creating content.

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Create and customise print, video and social content either in Adobe Creative Suite or an online template builder
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Optimise page layouts for printing
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Add animations and effects to video assets

No fuss content creation

Automatically generate all media versions you need quickly.

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Automatically calculate and generate unlimited variations based on input data
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Generate test renders to ensure you are happy with the content before committing to full costs

Providing processes to enable creativity

All your creative operations should work together as part of the same process across your organisation. Your people, tools and data should also fee

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Integrate into your business workflow
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Review and approve renders via our powerful online proofing tool
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Adapt your creative dynamically and generate a new render where required

Demand for more content

We enable you to address the growing demand for content to be created in different formats to keep consumer engagement

Connect to your content

We ensure that approved assets uploaded to your DAM or PIM can be utilised when creating your marketing content removing data silos.

Avoid excessive revisions

We reduce the number of amends before final approval by standardising the communication allowing for better review across versions.

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