Product Information Management

Encodify Product Information Management enables you to centrally organise and enrich product data, ensuring consistent, accurate and up-to-date information across multiple channels.


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Product Information Management

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The core features of Product Information Management

Enrich with additional data

Consolidating data from many sources will require enrichment and approval to ensure they are suitable for your channels.

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Link your product data directly to digital assets including packshots, safety sheets, energy labels and brand logos - it speeds up the process and prevents errors
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Enriched metadata for commercial and marketing for the associated channel - ecommerce descriptions, POS, shelf labels etc
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Connect to third party industry tools to enhance enrichment

From launch to end of life

Managing the lifecycle of a large and complex products inventory can be a challenge with data stored in multiple internal and external sources

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Visualise your project against key dates and plan each deliverable based on priority
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Automate the assignment of production locations or teams based on business processes to plan resource
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Define the scope and requirements against each deliverables

Automation and optimization

Utilise the content uploaded into your PIM allowing for different formats and renditions to be used across the required channels. All integrated and connected to Online Proofing to allow for fast production and execution, making sure you get the most out of your digital assets.

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Automatically generate renditions after upload

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Transform images with quick crop, rotate, flip images tools

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Transform videos with video trimming tools

Ready to go live

Managing a 500,000+ product webshop can be difficult. A reliable data source can ensure that your e-commerce runs smoothly and is kept up-to-date.

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Publish to digital catalogues

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Update your CMS platform

Centralised data

We ensure that you can centralise your data from multiple sources giving you improved visibility as work progresses

Optimise Work

We ensure that you can easily identify inefficiencies in business processes and allow teams to gain an overview of the work required quicker - reducing any potential delays

Data-driven Decisions

We ensure you gain the right insights and analytics to enable data-driven decision making ensuring you can easily identify when a project goes over budget or when there are delays in producing work

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