Display key data and metrics allowing you to gain a better overview of work in progress at-a-glance to enhance make decision with confidence


Brief & Estimate

Supplier & Partner Collaboration

Product Information Management

Digital Assets Management

Project & Task Management

Creative Automation

Promotion Planning

Online Proofing



& Invoicing

The core features of Workspaces

Gain a better overview of your work

A powerful way to make complex data more accessible and understandable to a wider audience. Easily understand your data at a glance in a clear and intuitive way to empower your teams to make better decisions.

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Support for a wide range of widget types including header images, portal cards, charts, views, and more
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Filter the results to ensure you see the data that is relevant to you
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View key performance metrics and assess risk

Work efficiently with your colleagues

Ensure that your workforce is synced and working towards the same goals - minimise the risk of delays

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Prioritise your teams tasks and ensure there are no delays
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Share dashboards with your team to ensure complete alignment

Design with total freedom

How you view your data can vary depending on the use case, and with Encodify dashboards, there are endless customisation possibilities.

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Drag-and-drop dashboard widgets to organise them to your preference

Centralised data

We ensure that you can centralise your data from multiple sources giving you improved visibility as work progresses

Optimise Work

We ensure that you can easily identify inefficiencies in business processes and allow teams to gain an overview of the work required quicker - reducing any potential delays

Data-driven Decisions

We ensure you gain the right insights and analytics to enable data-driven decision making ensuring you can easily identify when a project goes over budget or when there are delays in producing work

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