Digital Asset Management

Organise, manage, find and share your digital content from a centralised application that is quick to deploy and simple to use


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The core features of Digital Assets Management

Easily find and organize your content

Access your entire digital content library, which includes images, photos, creative files, videos, audio, presentations, documents and more

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Support for uploading almost all file types
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Define properties for displaying dynamic metadata schemas
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Intuitive quick search and filters to help  you find files

Take control of your content

It's never been easier to control access to your digital content.

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Role and access restrictions to safeguard your stored assets
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Allow creatives to upload content but prevent visibility until released date
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Apply usage rights so that your items are protected minimising the risk of asset misuse
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Automated watermarks further secure your brand and protect your assets

Enrich with additional data

To ensure your DAM system works for you there is an element of content enrichment required.

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Read and write XMP metadata

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Generate automated metadata tags

Share content

Easily and securely share content with people outside of your organisation.

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Generate a public URL or send a downloadable link to access file without authentication

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Send an email containing file as attachment providing access without authentication

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Send a direct email to another user within the application

Centralise file storage

We ensure that the storage of your files is centralised and allows for better management.

Promote asset reuse

By storing your content in a centralised DAM solution you can promote greater awareness of content across local markets reducing cost of similar campaign assets.

Connect to your content

We recognise that file storage is more than just a central repository. Whether you're storing your work in progress files, photography or product images they integrate into your business processes for MWM or promotion management.

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