Make Private Label Management a key driver for your revenue growth

More and more retailers embark on the private label journey in pursuit of new revenue streams. The introduction of private labels does however increase complexity as retailers must manage end-to-end delivery throughout the value chain, causing a need for optimizing the processes and automating tasks.

Control your own products and accelerate time to market

By streamlining workflows and allowing stakeholders to work on the same data in real time, the platform eliminates the need to send emails back and forth, leading to higher efficiency.

This optimized workflow reduces time-to-market and makes it possible for retailers to develop their own brand products faster.
  • Manage your brands and assets in one unified content hub
  • Ensure all product content is up-to-date and easily accessible
  • Integrate all stakeholders in the workflow for optimal collaboration

Product capabilities included in the Private Label Management solution


Brief & Estimate

Supplier & Partner Collaboration

Product Information Management

Digital Asset Management

Project & Task Management

Creative Automation

Promotion Planning

Online Proofing



& Invoicing

A unified approach

Manage the entire process from concept to final product in store in one unified solution. Our solution offers one central place to manage all product, project, and packaging-related specifications.

Partner collaboration

Both internal and external stakeholders can collaborate on the platform, ensuring high-quality product data and materials are delivered at the right time and place.

Precision and Compliance

Ensure all product content is up to date, with easy access, and ready to use for any production purpose, e.g. update of packaging and labels, while  ensuring local compliance and regulations are met.

The benefits of Encodify Private Label Management

Gain Control

Take control of design, pricing, compliance and distribution by connecting all own brand product data through an efficient workflow.

Reduce time to market

By optimizing  the development process via automated workflows, retailers can introduce private labels much faster and thereby

Lower costs

Reduce costs by removing unnecessary steps in the process and making the workflow more efficient.

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