Brief & Estimate Management

Brief & Estimate Management allows you to track and manage your incoming service requests and the costs and time required to complete them.


Brief & Estimate

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The core features of Brief & Estimate Management

Fast track your brief process

Gaining an accurate overview of any request for services can be a challenge and can lead to delays in initiating projects.

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Submit smart digital briefing for service
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Track all your request in a centralised portal
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Notify the right people who need to understand the cost and time to deliver

Quick costing of the work required

Review the request with internal stakeholders to understand the work, time and effort required to deliver projects.

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Define the cost associated with individual services within rate cards
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Add service items or time and material based costing to estimates based on work required

Align on the work required

Ensure you have a shared understanding of the work required is important before you commit your workforce.

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Generate branded estimate PDF and submit them for approval to external stakeholders

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Update and amend the estimate to ensure alignment

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Automate the creation of projects and tasks on approval

Increase Efficiency

We manage your briefs and estimates, leading to reduced effort and errors, leading to faster and more efficient handling of requests

Improve Visibility

We create a centralised view of all your briefs and estimates making it easier to track progress and prioritise work

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