Project & Task Management

Encodify Project & Task Management allows you to get a 360° view of the progress of your projects and tasks from initiation to completion.


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The core features of Project & Task Management

There is a reason it's called deadline

Ensure quality and control by each task is delivered in accordance with your business process

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Configurable workflow allows for you to execute tasks in accordance to your agreed business processes
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Keep internal and external stakeholders informed of progress including if work is being completed in accordance to the plan
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Ensure a complete overview of bottlenecks and keep everyone informed of delays and obstacles

From project start to delivery

Manage the full lifecycle of complex projects to ensure they are delivered without delays impacting profitability

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Visualise your project against key dates and plan each deliverable based on priority
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Automate the assignment of production locations or teams based on business processes to plan resource
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Define the scope and requirements against each deliverables

Monitor the progress

Gain a better overview of your work and save the need for endless offline trackers in spreadsheets.

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Track your work with a range of views available to visualise your business process

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Manage the approval of work through our online proofing

Increased prioritisation

We allow for teams to better prioritise tasks and focus on the most important work that needs to get done

Increased transparency

We ensure there is increased transparency of decisions and allow others to stay informed during start to finish of a project

Improved content management across

We ensure that your content stays connected with logos, creative and marketing content in your DAM and PIM and your project and tasks can be reviewed quickly in our online proofing tool

Improved efficiency

We ensure you can work more efficiently by streamlining tasks and automating processes allowing you to get work done faster

Increased productivity

We provide tools and resources that can help team members work more productively, reducing time and effort to complete tasks.

Enhanced collaboration

We promote better collaboration and by facilitating improved teamwork and communication throughout the process of getting work done.

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