Reconciliation & Invoicing

Encodify Reconciliation & Invoicing allows you to analyse and reconcile the financial health, profitability and burn-down rate of a project - ensuring you keep track of 3rd party costs, expenses and internal fees.


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The core features of Reconciliation & Invoicing

Understand financial health

Review the figures across your projects to understand key KPI metrics.

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Review budget vs spend to determine the burn down of your projects
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Monitor profitability of projects
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Report and notify when thresholds are breached or at risk

Get Approval on budgets and invoices

Share access to financial data to gain approval from relevant stakeholders for things like budgets, purchase orders and invoices.

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Collaborate with clients and 3rd parties to approve a quote
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Internally monitor and review large value expenses/outwork
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Maintain a full audit trail against the financials of a project

Invoice with confidence

Bill clients when projects are complete or even pre/part bill them during the process.

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Part bill when some of the work is completed

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Pre bill projects up front based on the agreement

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Automatically invoice the entire or remaining balance of the project

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