Promotion Planning

Promotion Planning enables you to utilise your PIM and DAM content when planning long-term and short-term promotion with specific details such as structure, texts, promotion prices, page elements etc.


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The core features of Promotion Planning

Deliver your campaign strategy

Your marketing, and category/buying teams have defined the campaign strategy, messaging and promotional tactics. Executing these plans in your promotions can be complex to ensure customers are incentivised

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Decide on the number of activities to plan during the year including length and frequency
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Decide the themes to be run throughout the year according to events
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View your planned marketing activities within a timeline by activity or supplier

Ensure you promote the right products

Making the right decisions when planning your promotions is important with many key considerations such as pricing, discounts, stock requirements, distribution costs, competitor activity and much more

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Evaluate performance of past campaigns
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Set the expectations for the performance of future campaigns
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Coordinate the conditions for each supplier’s products in future campaigns

Finalising a promotion

Finalising a promotion and ensuring you have every detail in order before sending it for production is a considerable task to accomplish without compromising time-to-market

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Decide what products to add at what prices, and add all the promotional information needed for production
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Add commercial storytelling in the form of themes to each campaign (such as Christmas, Easter, or birthdays themes)
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Add event based content specific to each campaign (such as competitions, coupons, etc.)
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Review the product text, prices and images you plan to use on your promotion before creative production - we call this zero-proofing
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Export the campaign draft in your required file type for Creative Production

Improve data quality

We ensure you can centralise and standardise your product ensuring your internal teams have the most up-to-date data leading to a reduction in errors and inconsistencies that can lead to customer dissatisfaction

Better customer experience

We ensure buyer confidence by ensuring you can provide accurate data and complete product information across all sales channels

Reduce Time-to-Market

We ensure that your Time-to-Market is reduced by offering you a way to systematise your promotion planning allowing you to optimise and focus on the details.

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